Jung CFA

Jung Fire Brigade was formed as the result of a public meeting held on the 8th of May 1948. The meeting was held as the result of a Fire which started on the property of Sandy Cunningham and reached the outskirts of Jung. It was the biggest recorded Fire at the time.

On the 12th November, 1946, Mr Ern Nichol volunteered the use of his truck to transport a water tank to fires. The tank was located in the corner of Mr. Charlie Baker's property, next to the last Jung Post Office location. It was recorded that in a meeting they have also discussed the use of aeroplane for fighting fires.

In October, 1948, the offer of a portable power pump was accepted.

On the 14th of November, 1949, Jung Fire Brigade held a meeting where they moved to advertise for a 2-3 ton trailer.

At a meeting on the 20th November, 1951, it was moved that a 1943 model Canadian Chev Truck be purchased for the sum of 360. It was also moved that a sub-committee of five be appointed to purchase or lease land for the purpose of erecting a garage for the fire truck and purchase the materials. The said garage/building was erected next to the Jung Hall.

In a meeting on the 28th October, 1957, it was agreed that the Secretary writes to the Ballarat Brewing Company for a site approximately 30 ft. x 12 ft. east of Ern Nichol's garage for the purpose of relocating the fire shed, which was duly granted.

On 29th October, 1964, a special meeting was held for the purpose of obtaining a new Fire Truck. It was agreed that the Jung Fire Brigade pay a sum of 500 and the old unit was sent to the Ballarat Depot.

On the 17th November, 1966, Jung Fire Brigade received a new Austin Fire Truck and a new site for the Jung CFA shed was purchased from the Buwalda Brothers after they bought and dismantled the Jung Hotel building.

Early in the year 1985, the building of the new site started.

Led by then - President of Region 17 Fire Control, Mr. Mac Hawkins, the present Jung Fire Brigade - CFA building was officially opened on Friday, 15th September, 1985

Nowadays, Jung CFA Fire Team continue to service Incidents in and around town, and to neighboring towns.

Jung is located in North Western Victoria in the Wimmera between Horsham and Murtoa. Reproduced with Permission from Jung Township
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